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Get That Gorgeous Summer Glow: Safe Tanning Tips!

There's nothing quite like a relaxing day at the beach, where you can soak up the sun, feel the sand between your toes, and enjoy a refreshing piña colada. But while basking in the sun has its perks, like topping up your vitamin D and giving bad bacteria the boot, it's important to remember that too much sun without the right precautions can be a downer. So, let's make sure your beach days stay the best days by following these easy but essential tips! 

We've all had those moments, right? You're just chilling, catching some rays, and oops – you doze off and wake up looking like a lobster! But no worries, ladies! If spray tans aren't your thing, there's a way to get that perfect tan without the painful sunburn!

Tip 1
Okay, folks, we know you've heard this a gazillion times, but it's worth repeating: the first step to sun-kissed success is getting the right sunscreen. SPF 30 is your starting point, but if you can go higher, why not? While those high-SPF sunscreens might slow down your tan a bit, trust us, it's better to be safe than sorry! And if you're planning beach or pool time, grab a water-resistant sunscreen, and don't forget to reapply every few hours.

Tip 2
Here's a little skin tip to keep in mind: your skin has a limit to how much melanin it can produce, and after a certain point, you won't get any tanner. For most of us, that limit falls somewhere between two to three hours. So, no need to bake in the sun for hours on end – you're just putting your skin at risk of getting burnt or worse.

Tip 3
Whether you're a sunburn magnet or not, it's a smart move to take regular tanning timeouts. Just step out of the sun and find some shade every twenty to thirty minutes – it's the sweet spot. Your skin will thank you for this breather from the sun's intense rays, and you'll dodge the sunburn bullet. It's a win-win, really, for a healthier and longer-lasting tan.

Tip 4 
One thing you should absolutely, without a doubt, never forget to bring along is your trusty wide-brimmed hat and those stylish shades for your face. Sunglasses are your eye's best friends, shielding them from those pesky UV rays. And that wide-brimmed hat? It's like a superhero cape for your scalp, nose, ears, and forehead – those spots we often miss when slathering on sunscreen.

And lastly, keep this in mind: as much as we adore that sun-kissed glow, it's not safe to soak up those blazing sun rays for hours every single day. If you're a true tan enthusiast, why not think about spray tanning? It's a healthier and more sustainable way to keep that radiant glow going. Your skin will appreciate the love in the long run!

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